Employer On-site Services

Employers can access a wide variety of FREE services and activities to assist them with recruiting, hiring and other business needs.  Here are just some of the ways that we can help you save time and money.


Job postings
OhioMeansJobs.com, a statewide electronic job-matching system, allows employers to post job openings and gain access to search resumes on OhioMeansJobs.com and Monster.com's Ohio resume database containing over 2.5 million resumes.

CLICK HERE to learn how to post a job opportunity to OhioMeansJobs.com.

Assistance with employment applications
Running a “help-wanted” ad in the newspaper? OhioMeansJobs | Butler County can maintain a supply of your company’s employment applications on-site so that candidates can apply at our single, convenient location or in addition to yours!

Interview space, and more!
Employers are welcome to use our conference rooms and offices to conduct job interviews. Employers are also welcome to reserve space for orientation sessions, staff meetings, or to conduct Hiring Events. Contact us and we would be happy to reserve space for you. 

Applicant screening
OhiomeansJobs | Butler County has widely-used assessment materials, which measure basic skills, aptitudes, interests, etc.  We are also happy to assist in the proctoring of "employer specific" assessments. 

Employer workshops
OhioMeansJobs | Butler County offers periodic workshops designed to assist the business community. Topics include important workforce issues such as labor laws, employee retention, Family Medical Leave Act, Equal Employment Opportunity, Workers Compensation, HR 101, Background Checks, and more. Contact Business Services Liaison, Missy O'Brien, to learn more and to have your name added to our email list.

Labor market information
Employers can use our resources to find answers to important labor market questions, such as:

  • Are my company’s wages competitive?
  • What jobs are in demand – now and in the future?
  • How do unemployment rates affect my business?
  • Where can I find qualified candidates for job openings?

Contact us or visit Ohio Labor Market Information.

For more information on employer services, contact Missy O'Brien, Business Services Liaison, at 513.785.5345 or email at melissa.obrien@jfs.ohio.gov

Tax credits
We can provide employers with helpful information on how they may offset hiring costs through participation in the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and Welfare-to-Work (WtW) federal income tax credit programs. You can save money on your taxes by hiring job seekers who meet certain targeted group criteria.  Contact us or visit www.jfs.ohio.gov/wotc for more information.

Employee assistance
OhioMeansJobs | Butler County offers assistance to laid-off employees who have lost or will lose their jobs due to plant closures, downsizing, etc.  Staff can provide information about possible training benefits available under the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) and other opportunities.