Frequently asked questions

Is there a fee for your services?
Our employment and training services are provided at no cost to you. There is also no charge to employers for job postings, room reservations, hiring events/job fairs, resume screening and recruitment assistance, and promotional services.

How long will it take to help me find a job? 
OhioMeansJobs | Butler County is not a job placement agency.  We will provide the tools and resources to help you succeed in your job search, enhance your skills and marketability, and become self sufficient.  We offer a wide variety of training options, reference materials, a computer lab, and free workshops including Resume Building; Interview Preparation; Computer Basics; Microsoft Word Basics; Microsoft Excel Basics; and more.

How do you file for unemployment in the State of Ohio?
You can file for unemployment benefits by telephone or online. Click here for information on how to apply and what you will need to apply.

Does your organization help customers develop a resume?
OhioMeansJobs | Butler County provides assistance with resumes by offering resume development workshops, the use of the computers to create a resume and resume building software; however, we do not write or type the resume for customers.  Your resume is one of the most critical pieces necessary to complete your job search.  Let us help you incorporate the keywords and components needed to land your perfect job.